SEO (search engine optimization) marketing and utilizing multichannel marketing with various ‘tools of technology’, (i.e., email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, providing reviews, article marketing, blogging and providing “social proof”), you can now give customers more value and also acquire what you desire, by getting your website to the top of the Google as fast as possible.

Fast SEO Results

Because technology is so prevalent these days, it has never been easier to position yourself as an expert; and your business as the go-to product or service.

The biggest variable to understand is that how the psychology of the internet REALLY works. Although this can be quite complex, and so many “experts” want to lend their input, I’ll do my best to simplify what many strive to accomplish when getting fast SEO results. For the local businesses, the first thing to do is to claim your Google Business page. This is the equivalent of the “new age” phone book. Specially for Mobile Internet surfers.

Every business has an area served and set criteria for what it does and who it serves. Google created this search criteria to assist the local searcher to find what their looking for easier, as for the business owner, attaining fast in SEO results is simple with the Google business listing. Just follow the prompts when setting up your page.

As for generic SEO or Global SEO if you want to call it that way – this is not so easy. The simplest technique is to purchase the domain name for the keyword that you want to rank for. (i.e., if you are an online franchise, you’ll want to purchase a domain with online franchise in the title). For best results, The Google is recommending that you will keep your page title to aproximately 60 characters.

Another way to optimize your efforts and achieve fast SEO results is to have your page title include your keywords at the beggining of it. Keep your title narrowly focused. The next on-page optimization factor has to do with your “meta description”, in other words, what is your website about?

As you decide how to best describe your business (in 25 words or less is recommended), just load your site keywords into the description and also make sure to place the keywords that you are trying to “rank for” into the keyword area of your website. Talk with your webmaster because this is important. Google, Yahoo and Bing are known as relevancy based search engines and reward rule followers.

SO for getting the fast SEO results we want,  up until this point we’ve covered in how to claim your Google Business page, just remember that Google Business page is a free Web marketing service that businesses can use to describe their products and services and list their hours of operation, business address, phone number, email address, and website URL. You can and should add photos and videos to your Places page, too, and customers can add reviews. So in making sure your page title (website title) was optimized, and that your meta-description was correctly aligned for what the search engines prefer.

By using the Google Keyword Tool, which is free, you will be able to tell what people are searching for when comparing which keyword phrases are scientifically necessary or which keyword terms are just wasting your websites valuable real estate.  How to get to the top of Google is all about playing by their rules, expanding your offerings and monetizing the marketability of your product or service.  Getting traffic is great, but converting traffic is the name of this game.

Back to being findable by Google and getting fast SEO results.  If your domain name in your “prized” keyword groupings, you’ve got a leg-up on the competition.  Although this strategy works great; you can be all things to all keywords.  Also, you want to be careful not to “stuff” your site with keywords.

As Google has advanced it algorithms over the years, this has become a no-no.  By having too many keywords listed on your site, you run the risk of throwing off the adequate ratio of keyword density (the ratio of total words on your side versus how many times you’ve used a keyword in context).  Usually, sites that maintain somewhere between a ratio of 8-15% do the best.  According to a conversation that I’ve personally had with PR web (a powerhouse online press release company), you’ll want to use your keyword 1 time for every 100 words (10%).

In the 3rd part of this getting fast SEO results article series, we’re going to talk more about on-site optimization factors, plus we’re going to advance things while talking about back linking and how to create content and which contents holds the largest weight online.  This is where the “meat and potatoes” is going to be.

How to get Links Fast for Fast SEO results

When you run a website you want it to be popular and well known. It is also true that most of us are impatient in a competitive arena that waits for no one. So for the webmaster to be, the biggest question when running a website is how to get links fast. So let us look at a few ways on how to get links fast.
When you ask the question “how to get links fast?” one thing you must know is that for these links to be effective they need to be from sites that are related to your site’s subject material. For example it will not do when a gaming site receives link backs from a soft toy manufacturer. Most people that ask how to get links fast do not realize this and try to get links from every possible source which is never effective.

Reciprocal linking is not very effective and should be used as little as possible because search engines such as Google will always look suspiciously on them and suspect some sort of agreement between the websites. Search engines will always give preference to one way links because they see it as linking that happened because the sites wanted to and not because they were asked to. Web directories and web rings which are there for the sole purpose of linking should be avoided altogether. They can harm your rankings very seriously.

A good answer to the question “how to get links fast?” is linkbait. Linkbait is information compiled in such a way that it is very easy to read and understand, appeals to your readership and is memorable. This is a very effective way to get links. Writing FAQs, white papers and similar articles that can help your readers is a good way to get links back. That is how to get links fast.

Social networking sites are a gold mine to get links. Facebook, Reddit, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar sites are a treasure trove of potential readers. So whenever you ask anyone how to get links fast they will always point towards a social network. Just setting up a profile page alone is a link back to your site, not to mention all the fans you will soon have.

Another good method on how to get links fast is networking. Interact on other sites. Create wikis, do guest posts, write articles. All these will generate static links and is a great way on how to get links fast.