Regardless of what your business is, if it’s successful the chances are you have a really clear business plan and goals you set for continued success. Internet marketing is no different, you are creating a business and you need a plan, something that you follow religiously, and that gets results. Keep it simple, stick to what you know will work and prove the naysayers wrong.
If we think about making money online a number of opportunities come to mind, get paid to write, sell private advertising on your websites, affiliate marketing, AdSense income, write your own ebook, lease your mailing list, and probably a bunch more as well.

However the top three simple ways to make money online for Internet Marketers have always been affiliate marketing, AdSense sites, and creating your own ebook. Despite the hype surrounding other programs or systems, these three have consistently proved themselves and will likely continue to do so for the next few years simply because they are simple to understand, and not too difficult to implement.
The Internet is still young, but many of your friends will try to convince you everyone has an Internet connection, and nobody can make money online anymore because its old news. Actually the Internet has just started, sure the early adopters have been using Amazon or reading ebooks for years, but mainstream society is distrustful, and is only now starting to use the Internet to its full advantage.
The opportunity to make money from mainstream consumers has never been better, and best of all, a bunch of successful Internet Marketers have blazed a trail and shown the way. Many of them regularly give away their systems in forums, blog posts, or in ebooks you can find through Google. Here’s the top three explained;

1. AdSense Income has got to be the easiest and simplest system for making money ever invented. You create a website, sign up to be an AdSense publisher, put your ad code into your website, then pretty much focus all your time on building your website and getting people to read your pages. Google does the rest, they put relevant ads on your page, they manage finding the advertisers, and when someone clicks the ad you get paid. It really is as simple as that.
Of course nothing is ever truly simple, but starting in AdSense is easy. The challenges new people face with AdSense comes down to two things; writing pages using keywords that get search traffic, and getting enough websites to link to you so that your website appears on page one of Google’s search results page. Knowing the key challenges puts you one step ahead of everyone else because you only have to learn how to overcome the challenge and you could be earning a good part time or full time online income fairly quickly.

2. Affiliate Marketing is the preferred way to make money for most successful Internet Marketers, you find a product you like that pays well for referring a lead, you write a compelling sales page for the product and warm the lead up so they just have to have the product, then once they’ve bought, you get paid. It’s commission selling made easy. Work from your home office and you never have to meet the customer, you can spend all your time building your sales funnel and channeling your leads into a sales page.
You don’t even need a website to be a successful affiliate marketer, you could build a mailing list of prospects, or spend all your time helping others on public forums whilst mentioning how well the product worked for you. Affiliate marketing can be as easy as making online friends and recommending a product, or as difficult and complex as you want it to be, either way, affiliate marketing is still one of the quickest ways to earn a good income online.

3. Write your own eBook or create your own product puts all of the profits into your hands without having to share unless you choose to recruit your own affiliates to help you sell the product. Examples of products you can create are how-to ebooks, write your own computer program, develop an iphone app, record music and sell it online, design clip art or digital images, even build websites or website templates.
Every one of these ideas will sell if you’ve identified a need and can satisfy demand, and you can either sell your product alone or appoint agents and affiliates to do the selling for you. So many people make good money writing ebooks or designing website templates, and you can too. It really isn’t difficult if you do your research and understand your market.